Sunday, October 23, 2005

Pat's Podcast Now Available Via "Old Fashioned" Internet Radio

Yes it's true. We are back on the OLD cyber airwaves.

But it DOES NOTmean that I'm leaving the world of podcasting.

But rather, we are using the "old" method as an additional vehicle in which to broadcast our show via my Internet Radio station called NUKE 102. In addition, the station also broadcasts other programming which also may be of interest. They include, but aren't neccessarily limited to the following...

Other shows will be added as the station gets permission to pick them up.

In addition, NUKE 102 (as well as the podcast for that matter) also broadcasts PodSafe music from the following sources...

What do I need to listen to the station you say?

You need the latest edition of Your system should also be able to decode AAC. has this support by default, but in case your system still can't decode AAC,

Once you're all set, click the ON AIR button below (and above and anywhere else on the site for that matter) to LISTEN TO **THE **ALL-NEW** NUKE 102 - STILL DENVER'S NEW WORLD ORDER STATION**

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My apartment building as captured by Google Earth
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